Your Choice Is Automatically Transferred To The Slot Machine

Upon entering the game, you are given the chance to set your Twist stakes. Your choice is automatically transferred to the slot machine, or ‘one-armed’ bandit. You can raise or lower your stakes or change the number of paylines in-game by clicking the respective “+ / -” symbols. You can also click on “Winnings” to display all symbols and winning combinations. Click on “Start” to start playing. Players can opt for automatic play by clicking on “Autostart”. Clicking on “Autostart” a second time will cancel automatic play.

When you have a winning combination, the “Gamble” button will appear. Clicking on “Gamble” gives you the chance to double your winnings. Click “Gamble” a second time when the next screen appears to try your luck! It is totally up to you whether you want to try gambling or not. When you enter the gambling screen, you are asked whether you would like to choose a black or red card to gamble with. The last 6 cards which you have used in the gambling game are shown face-up on the screen. You will find more information about the gambling feature by clicking on the “Hisse Table” in-game.