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History was made the day land-based gambling transformed into online gambling. Online casinos opened up a whole new world of possibilities as they showed players all the potential that was waiting for them when gaming took the digital turn – especially when Live Casinos were introduced.

bakaraLive Casinos capture every traditional element of a land-based casino and elevate each and every one to create an experience that is so authentic that players would almost feel like they’re right in the heart of Las Vegas.

Talented game developers like Evolution (formerly Evolution Gaming) and LiveG24 never failed to inspire awe in their players, thanks to their lavish studios and avant-garde tech. But, as live dealer games boomed, it wasn’t long before slot providers tried their hand at creating a few live tables of their own – which is what led to the birth of Pragmatic Play Live.

Pragmatic Play was already an established slot provider, rolling out bangers like The Dog House™ and Sweet Bonanza™. One might think that it’s impossible for a slot creator to make a splash in Live Casinos – what more could it add to the mix? Quite a bit, actually.

With Pragmatic Play Live in the game, players never have to worry about a dull live gaming experience ever again. This developer conquered online casinos with its fantastic slots, and now it is ready to do the same with its phenomenal live tables. Ready to dive into the world of Pragmatic Play Live?


Let’s start from the beginning.

Pragmatic Play

The Pragmatic Play software really shines through in each Live Casino game this talented developer releases. Players will be able to enjoy prime video quality, state-of-the-art mechanics, avant-garde features and overall smooth gameplay. On top of that, Pragmatic Play games are available in 31 languages across all major markets – talk about inclusive!

Pragmatic Play games are polished to perfection. They are so great, in fact, that Pragmatic’s games landed the developer several awards. In 2020 alone, Pragmatic Play took home the IGA Best iGaming Software Supplier, WhichBingo Best Slots Provider and the SBC Innovation In Mobile Gaming awards. It is pretty evident that Pragmatic Play games are all the rage.


Players familiar with Pragmatic Play’s iconic gameplay would know that this developer does not play around when it comes to its features. Its slots lit up online casinos everywhere, and now its live tables are well on their way to doing the same.

As players take a seat at Pragmatic’s live table games, they’ll get to enjoy all the great things that make up a Live Casino studio. Of course, that includes immersive gameplay and professional live dealers, but Pragmatic Play takes live gaming a step further. Players will be able to spot an HTML5 user-friendly interface, as well as advanced in-house video broadcasting solutions, perfect for getting a crystal clear view of Pragmatic’s Mega Multipliers, bonus side bets, multiplayer modes and many other epic features this developer özgü cooked up.

What’s even better is that this Live Casino experience doesn’t end at your desktop. Pragmatic Play games are also fully optimised to provide seamless gameplay on mobile devices. So, you can enjoy the full live gaming experience wherever you are.

The one thing that could make this experience even better is pairing the Pragmatic experience with a spectacular casino experience. As one of the best Pragmatic Play online casinos, we’ll turn up the heat a few notches and tie in all your favourite live blackjack, live roulette and live baccarat tables with the latest Live Casino promotions.

Give Speed Roulette 1 a spin at LV BET, or try your hand at Mega Sic Bo, among many other Pragmatic live tables in our collection.


The online gambling industry hit many significant milestones throughout the years, and the introduction of jackpot games was definitely one of them.

Jackpot games completely changed the slots game when they first hit the market. They were probably online casinos’ first step toward true innovation as online gaming stepped up to all-new heights. Even today, you’ll find casino players flocking to the nearest online casino to catch a glimpse of the latest jackpot release. So, what is it about jackpots that kick up such a frenzy?

Jackpot games award an additional mammoth-sized prize pot on top of all base game and bonus round payouts. These pots can either be fixed or progressive. The former awards a fixed amount of cash when it’s hit and then resets to a predetermined value. The latter is where the action really kicks off.

Progressive pots grow exponentially over time, as a portion of your wager would enter the pot with each spin. These pots can also be linked to a network of online casinos, so the heights these prize pots can reach are unimaginable.

While there are many Pragmatic Play slots that are peppered with these brilliant prizes, Pragmatic’s live tables aren’t as lucky. That said, the industry is ever-changing, so you never know what might be on the horizon. Other providers have already begun to drag jackpots over to live tables, so it is only a matter of time until Pragmatic Play joins in on the jackpot fun!

To enjoy jackpot games to their full potential, be sure to head to LV BET – one of the greatest Pragmatic Play online casinos in the biz.


Not being able to experience jackpots on Pragmatic Play’s live tables is a bit of a bummer, but this developer makes up for a lack in prize pots with incredible bonus features!

Pragmatic Play’s games are far from your average live blackjack or live roulette table. With Live Casino games like Mega Roulette and Mega Sic Bo under its belt, Pragmatic Play totally redefines the word ‘bonus’. As you kick off your Pragmatic Play adventure, make sure you hold on tight because it’s going to be one wild ride!


We’re sure we can all agree that online operators are a great step up from land-based casinos. Not only do they offer a wider variety of games, but players have a much easier time easing into online games in comparison to land-based slots and tables. With that said, one of the greatest advantages of playing games online is the demo mode.

The demo is a fantastic tool to keep handy along your online gaming adventure. It allows you to catch a glimpse of the general gameplay and familiarise yourself with the inner workings of a game. The best part? You get to leave your bankroll completely untapped! Pretty cool, if you ask us. The demo was quite a hit among slot players, but unfortunately, the demo mode is only available on slot games and hasn’t reached Live Casinos…yet.

One of the main selling points of Live Casino games is that they are streamed in HD and in real-time. Tech like this really adds to the authenticity of it all, but it also makes it impossible for live tables to have a free-play gaming mode, which is the downside of gaming live – but not all hope is lost! Although there are no perfect solutions, there are a few other ways you could make the most out of your live gaming experience.


If you’re not so well-versed in online gaming, you’d be surprised to find out that online casino games are not simply categorised as slots and live tables. There are actually many other intriguing games that fall under that umbrella, including RNG table games.

If you’re new to live gaming and are still laying down your foundation, testing out RNG tables is a good way to grasp the basics.

Where Live Casino tables pit you against a live dealer, RNG tables will have you face off against a computer algorithm – kind of like how slot machines work. You’ll find the same basic rules of live tables, but RNG games do not offer high-tech features and mechanics, which is why these games are much easier to grasp. You’ll get to play blackjack and roulette, among other traditional games, without additional features getting in the way of your learning. If you’re looking for the perfect starter pack to live gaming, RNG gaming is an excellent choice.

You probably won’t be as wowed as if you had to play blackjack or other games live. But, the greatest advantage of RNG tables is that, since they are not live-streamed, they come with a demo mode for you to kontrol out the gameplay for free.


To give you an idea of how the demo works, it is basically a gaming mode that is a free-play version of the real thing. You’ll find the exact same features, mechanics and gameplay the actual game offers; the only difference is that you won’t need real cash to place bets.

The demo mode will equip you with a large virtual bankroll that will replace your actual one. Virtual funds are a biçim of fake cash that only exists within the game and cannot be withdrawn or credited to your account. All winnings obtained from the demo are also completely virtual, but what’s great about this free-play mode is that you get to try and kontrol every element of the game without spending a dime.

On top of fortifying your foundation, you can also use the demo to take your gaming a step further and kontrol out betting systems and game strategies to help gear you up for some extreme live gaming at Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino games.


LV BET players can access the demo by:

1. Logging in to their account at LV BET – one of the best Pragmatic Play casinos.

2. Selecting their preferred RNG table.

3. Hovering over the game’s thumbnail and hitting the ‘DEMO’ button.

Depending on their jurisdiction, players may be asked to register and complete the verification process to access the demo mode. In cases where verification is not necessary, they may be able to play as a visitor.


Once you’ve mastered the demo mode and have a solid understanding of the basic game rules, there is still one last stepping stone to hop over before diving into some extreme live gaming. RNG tables are obviously not the perfect substitute for live tables since they only offer the basic necessities. So, once the foundation is laid, you can choose to fortify it by watching game rounds!

As you sit at one of Pragmatic’s Live Casino tables, all bets placed are real bets, but they won’t have to be placed right away. Allow us to explain.

The live dealer will go through the game as usual, so it won’t matter when you decide to enter. You can watch other players throw down with some live roulette or live blackjack and soak in all the features without wagering yourself. You can even give the game rules a quick glance and familiarise yourself with the betting interface while you’re at it to check out any side bets. Then, you can begin placing your own bets and put what you learned at RNG tables to the kontrol whenever you’re ready.


The Pragmatic Play casino experience is absolutely fantastic, but what if we told you there was a way to take your Pragmatic gaming up to a whole other level?

Pair Pragmatic Play’s awesome Live Casino tables with our LV BET casino experience. You’ll come across loads of Pragmatic Play casinos along your online adventure, but LV BET just so happens to be one of the best there is. So, to help narrow down your choices of Pragmatic Play casinos, allow us to give you a quick tour around the place.

We are home to all of Pragmatic’s best hits. From live blackjack games like One Blackjack to bangers like Mega Wheel, the LV BET experience is one you’re not going to want to miss – but these games are not the only things that make our casino so great. It’s not every day that you come across ‘the best casino in the biz’. It’s a lot of weight on a casino’s shoulders, but we fare pretty well.


So what makes players dive into the LV BET experience out of all the Pragmatic Play casinos they pass by? Let’s just say that our game collection is not the only thing that caught their attention.


We’re pretty proud of the slot collection we’ve put together. We carefully hand-pick our slots to ensure your experience is enjoyable as possible, so you can expect only the best of the best from massive names like Play’n GO, NetEnt, Red Tiger, Microgaming, and of course, Pragmatic Play.

Soar through the stars and set off on wild adventures. You can even take things old school and set your taste buds ablaze with fruit slots or turn up the heat with jackpot slots and Megaways™ titles. The bonus rounds that await will undoubtedly blow you away.


If you would rather stick to the classics, then hop over to our Live Casino, where you’ll find hundreds of dedicated tables designed to immerse you into the golden days of casinos.

Check out spectacular live poker games like Ultimate Texas Hold’em, or spin it up with some roulette bangers. We’ve got roulette games based on European roulette and French roulette, or you could try your hand at American Roulette and Indian Roulette (Roulette 8). Our live baccarat and live blackjack collection is also quite noteworthy, and our live game shows are even better!


As you take a break from flipping through our game catalogue, do not hesitate to take a look at our casino bonus offers. Bonuses help elevate your gameplay, and the fun begins from the moment you sign up.

Newbies in the LV BET clan can enjoy sweet rewards when claiming our Welcome Bonus upon registration – but it doesn’t end there!

Our ‘Promotions’ page houses all our latest Live Casino promotions and Casino deals. Earn bonus money, bonus spins and even real cash when claiming our Deposit Bonus, Reload Offer, Free Spins Bonus and No Deposit Bonus. We even offer a few Sportsbook bonus offers for those who like to hit the court.

Just remember to read through the Terms and Conditions first, as they may hinder you from claiming the offer at all. These terms may specify wagering requirements, a minimum deposit, jurisdictional limitations and expiration dates. Some casino bonus offers may also only be available on selected games and will specify a list of eligible games. Game weighting may also apply, so be sure to give the Terms and Conditions a solid run through.


Now that we have given you a glimpse of the LV BET experience let’s take a look at some of the best Pragmatic Play casino games you’ll find at our gaming fortress.

Pragmatic Play özgü curated a formidable portfolio, leaving a mark the industry hasn’t shaken off since. This provider easily dominated the slot machine scene, and now it will soon take over the brimming Live Casino world too.

With so many live games to choose from, you may find difficulty choosing between Pragmatic Play live blackjack and Pragmatic Play live roulette, but that’s what we’re here for. Below, you’ll find a small preview of some of our personal favourite titles that we think you’ll enjoy just as much as we do.


Players who enjoy a low house edge and cranked up gameplay would love Speed Baccarat. This live baccarat game levels up your gameplay by throwing in lightning-fast game rounds, swift mechanics and pristine features. Cards are dealt face up as soon as the betting time is over, so you can dive in again right away and shoot your shot for Player or Banker wins! If you’re looking for games with a little extra kick, Speed Baccarat is an excellent choice.


On the hunt for some Pragmatic Play live blackjack games? Then look no further than ONE Blackjack. This live blackjack table özgü all the makings of an impressive casino game, especially considering this game features some of Pragmatic Play’s most famous special bets. Have a whack at classic side bets like Perfect Pairs and 21+3, or try your hand at the all-new Crazy 7 and Bust Bonus side bets! With only one seat and an unlimited number of players, ONE Blackjack is definitely a live blackjack game to remember. Be sure to read through the rules of the game, as they differ quite a bit from the classic Vegas rules.


Want some more live baccarat action? Check out Dragon Tiger! Pragmatic Play expanded its horizons and released its own version of this timeless game. Kontrol out side bets like Red/Black, Big/Small or Odd/Even if you want to turn up your gaming a few notches.


Mega Roulette is one of the many ways Pragmatic Play made its MEGA mark on the online gambling scene. This Pragmatic Play roulette game is proof of how far roulette özgü come, as players get to feast their eyes on epic roulette gameplay enhanced with mammoth-sized Mega Multipliers.

Keep an eye out for multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x, which will be applied randomly to selected straight-up bets. You can also place bulk bets with the Mega Bets feature using familiar bets such as Mega Chances, Mega Columns and Mega Dozens. This Pragmatic Play live roulette game definitely set the bar.


Want to give dice games a whack but are tired of craps? Try out Mega Sic Bo! This Pragmatic Play casino game totally redefines dice games as you scroll through a range of betting options and side bets. The Mega Multiplier bonus is also back again, AND if your bet is among the Mega Lucky Combinations, you will earn a Megawin! Mega Sic Bo is the kind of game that is always fun to play, even when your bet loses.


As if Mega Roulette and Mega Sic Bo weren’t enough, the Mega family got yet another addition – Mega Wheel! Inspired by the well-loved Big 6 and Money Wheel games, Mega Wheel is a fun-filled masterpiece. Players get to glimpse what it would be like standing in an actual game show as they play for a chance to win one of 54 different payouts. Be sure to check out the game rules and house edge before spinning the wheel, though!


Pragmatic Play does not play around when it comes to rolling out games. This provider ensures that all boxes are ticked and covered on all bases. From cutting-edge solutions and high video quality, Pragmatic Players are in for a gaming experience of a lifetime.

The icing on the cake is that Pragmatic Play seamlessly integrates its games across multiple platforms, and that includes mobile. Place epic side bets and dive into spanking-new features whenever you want, wherever you are. Enjoy first-rate, pocket-sized gameplay wrapped up in the same state-of-the-art HD streaming and pristine green-screen technology.

Speed Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Mega Sic Bo and Auto Roulette are probably our favourite picks, but you’ll get to take a crack at many other brilliant tables on any iOS and Android device. Make sure you have a strong connection to the web if you really want to get the best out of your gaming experience!


Pragmatic Play Live is a gaming branch of Pragmatic Play Ltd. that specialises in releasing live games. This software provider took the online slot world by storm and özgü recently delved into live gaming, increasing the number of Pragmatic Play casinos tenfold. This provider began its humble journey in 2015 in Gibraltar and is now the proud creator of bangers like Mega Roulette, Mega Sic Bo and ONE Blackjack.


Step onto the Pragmatic casino floor and play live blackjack, roulette and baccarat both on desktop and mobile devices. Pragmatic Play already had a stark amount of momentum in the industry, but its development of mobile games took this developer to all-new heights.

Players can expect the same state-of-the-art mechanics and features on any iOS and Android device. Experience the iconic Pragmatic Play casino flair as long you have a strong connection to the web for the best experience possible.


Not quite. Games like live blackjack do not come with a free demo since they are streamed live. But, by diving into RNG tables, you will be able to kontrol out the gameplay for free in the demo mode – these just won’t be under the Pragmatic Play umbrella. RNG Games offer almost identical gameplay to their live counterparts without all the dazzling features and tech.

RNG table games work with a computer algorithm rather than a dealer, so the gameplay is also a lot simpler but a perfect starting point for the new kids on the gaming block. Play for free by placing virtual cash stakes and kontrol out betting systems or gameplay strategies to get the most out of the demos. Then, put your knowledge to the kontrol when playing live!


Pragmatic Play takes responsible gaming extremely seriously as it understands that trust and honesty are two of the most crucial elements of online gaming.

Pragmatic Play is one of iGaming’s most reputable game providers, licensed and regulated by the top governing bodies, including the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Pragmatic Play özgü built a solid reputation in the industry, so rest assured that whether you’re spinning wheels or placing custom favourite bets, you’re in for a totally safe experience.


Pragmatic Play offers a gaming experience that is totally unique, and you’ll get to enjoy epic slot gameplay on top of its awesome Live Casino solution. Step off the Live Casino floor and take a break from playing Pragmatic Play live blackjack games. Dive into the brilliant Big Bass Bonanza™ slot, take a bite out of Fruit Party™, or peer into the crystal ball in Madame Destiny™. Winning combinations might be in the near future!


If you want an unparalleled casino experience, LV BET is where it’s at!

Whether you enjoy slot games, live tables, game shows or anything in between, we’ve got some of the best casino games on the market. We also regularly organise fun casino tournaments and roll out sweet casino bonuses. Head to our ‘Promotions’ page for all the latest Live Casino promotions and current slot deals, including our Deposit Bonus, Reload Offer and Free Spins promotion.


Pragmatic Play özgü blown us away again and again, but if we had to take our pick, we’d definitely say these tables caught our eye:

Mega Sic Bo

Mega Wheel

Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Dragon Tiger

Pragmatic’s live tables also come with in-studio promotions and intriguing side bets like Perfect Pairs and Mega Multipliers! Head to LV BET to explore them all.


Free spins are not applicable to Pragmatic’s live tables, but they can be used on this provider’s online slots. That said, you might still be able to get your hands on free spin-equivalent rewards, including bonus funds and real money.

bakaraJust keep in mind that all bonuses are subject to Terms and Conditions, including wagering requirements, a minimum deposit, expiration dates and jurisdictional limitations, among other criteria. Some offers may also only be available on selected games.

Bu kısa makaleyi sevdiyseniz ve makine assure hakkında daha çok informasyon almak istiyorsanız kendi web sitemizi ziyaret edin.