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Three Card Poker Review

The game of classic poker is no stranger to its variants, as more and more unique interpretations of the game have been popping up over the years. Poker is a massively popular game, so these new and improved tables only magnify the already widespread love for poker.

Three Card Poker, also referred to as 3-card poker, is a whole new take on classic poker. The most obvious difference? Players biçim a strong poker hand with three cards instead of five! This simpler version of poker gives budding players a good opportunity to get a feel of the game since it is much easier to biçim a three-card poker hand rather than a five-card poker hand. Don’t let this fool you though, birebin as Evolution özgü a few twists and turns in store for you. Are you ready to find out? Then let’s dive in!

About Three Card Poker

Exciting gameplay, live dealers, elegant studios and bonus betting options – is there anything this game doesn’t offer? This Evolution creation is a phenomenal poker variant that blends rules that are easy to understand and innovative special features, making Three Card Poker a great choice for both newbies and experts alike – especially since you play against the house rather than a room full of opponents!

Take a seat and place your chips as you enjoy that authentic casino look and feel. Raise the stakes by placing a Pair Plus wager, a 6 Card Bonus bet or keep it simple with Ante and Play bets. The choice is yours! Either way, you are guaranteed to have an awesome experience.

As with any poker game, your aim is to biçim the strongest poker hand possible to beat the dealer and earn a payout – only this time you’ll be forming a poker hand out of three cards instead. If you have a good idea of how to play poker, then you’ll have no trouble picking up the gameplay. You will see a few changes in the poker hand rankings and game rules, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time!


Like other poker tables, the objective is to biçim the best three-card hand possible and beat the dealer. The round begins by placing your Ante wager by selecting one of the different coloured chips found on the user interface. Each chip özgü its own bet value, so be sure to always bet within your limits by having good bankroll management and a proper betting strategy in place.

Since this is a Live Casino game, you’ll have a limited time frame to place your bets, so choose wisely! During this time, you might also want to place a couple of bonus bets. You’ll have a choice between the Pair Plus bet or the 6 Card Bonus bet; you can place both if you wish. The Pair Plus wager wins if you biçim a pair or better with your initial cards, and the 6 Card Bonus wager wins if your cards plus the dealer’s hand biçim a poker hand of three of a kind or better with five cards.

Once the betting time expires, three cards will be dealt to both you and the dealer. Here, you will have to decide whether you wish to fold or play on. If you decide to play, you may continue by placing a Play bet equivalent to your Ante bet. The dealer will go on to reveal their cards, and the higher-ranking hand wins. If you place a Play bet and get a straight flush, three of a kind or a straight on your initial cards, you win an Ante Bonus even if the dealer wins the round.

If the dealer özgü a hand of jack-high or worse, the Play wager is returned. If the dealer özgü a hand of queen-high or better, then both the Play and the Ante bet hisse 1:1 if the player özgü a stronger hand than the dealer.

Knowing how each hand ranks against the other is integral to your betting strategy. The individual cards are also ranked, with the king having the highest card value and the 2 the lowest. In descending order, the individual cards are ranked as follows: king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and 2. Ace can be of high or low value, depending on the hand; for example, the ace will rank high in a royal flush and low in a 5, 4, 3, 2, A straight. Here’s how each poker hand ranks, in descending order:

Mini Royal – The mini royal consists of a king, queen and ace.

Straight Flush – The straight flush consists of three cards in a sequence, all of the same suit.

Three of a Kind – The three of a kind consists of three cards of the same rank.

Straight – The straight consists of three cards of sequential rank in at least two different suits.

Flush – The flush consists of three cards of the same suit but not in sequential order.

Pair – A pair features two cards of the same rank.

High Card – The high card is a hand that does not satisfy any of the above requirements, meaning that the hand’s high card will determine its rank.

In this table game, the straight özgü a higher ranking than the flush since there are fewer ways to biçim a straight than a flush. The 6 Card Bonus bet also features its own set of winning hands, but we’ll get into that in the following section.

Bonuses and Special Features in Three Card Poker

This poker game is generally much more fast-paced than other table games since its gameplay is quite straightforward. This poker variant also özgü two additional bonus bets aside from the Ante and Play bets that add a layer of complexity and keep the game interesting.

Each bet pays differently. If you place a Play bet, for instance, and obtain a straight flush, three of a kind or straight, you will be awarded an Ante Bonus even if the dealer wins the round. The Pair Plus wager pays when you earn a pair or better even if you fold and the dealer wins the round.

The 6 Card Bonus bet pays when your cards plus the dealer’s biçim a poker hand of three of a kind or better out of five cards. The 6 Card Bonus bet özgü its own set of poker hand rankings, as follows:

Royal Flush

Straight Flush

Four of a Kind

Full House



Three of a Kind

How each bet pays depends on the paytable, which you can find in the rules under the ‘?’ tab. These bonus bets are optional, and you can opt to not place extra chips if you wish. These bets simply help boost your payout should you be lucky enough to win. Keep in mind that the house edge varies depending on the bets you place; for example, the house edge is significantly higher on the 6 Card Bonus than on the Pair Plus. The house edge on Ante wagers özgü the optimal theoretical RTP of 96.63%.

If you would like to participate in these side bets but are hesitant to wager real money, our Live Casino bonuses might be of interest to you. These bonuses offer a range of prizes, from bonus funds to cashbacks, which you can use to play your favourite games. Bear in mind that, as with many other online casinos, casino bonuses come with a set of Terms and Conditions that dictate how the bonus can be used and redeemed, so be sure to read through these before you set off on your online gaming journey.


Evolution özgü given poker games a whole new light with this incredible live poker table. The objective is to biçim the strongest poker hand out of three instead of five cards, which is an uncomplicated and unique twist on classic poker. If you’re looking to switch up your gaming but would still like to stick to the classics, then this is the live table for you. It is simple yet truly exciting, so you are guaranteed to have a good time!

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Game Rules

This live table is based on classic poker. There are very few changes to the rules, so you should find no trouble picking up the gameplay. If you ever have any doubts, you can always check out the rules under the ‘?’ tab for everything you need to know.

– The game is played against the house, represented by the dealer, and not other players.

– Begin placing bets once the ‘PLACE YOUR BETS’ sign is active. Your Ante bet must be placed within a specific time frame.

– You may also choose to place a Pair Plus bet or the 6 Card Bonus bet during this time.

– Once the betting time expires, both you and the dealer will receive three cards.

– If you choose to fold, the round will end, and you can begin betting again. If you choose to continue, you must place a Play bet with a value equivalent to the Ante bet.

– The dealer will then reveal their cards, and a winner is identified.

– You win a payout if you have a stronger hand than that of the dealer.

– The house edge varies depending on the wagers you place; for example, the casino’s edge on Ante wagers is 3.37% and 8.56% on the 6 Card Bonus.

– If you placed a side bet, there is still a possibility of earning a payout even if you lost your Ante bet.

– Keep in mind that this game uses slightly different poker hand rankings and offers unique three-card hands, like the mini royal – adjust your strategy accordingly! Check out the rules for more information.