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Self – Host: [surprised, jokingly] wow, are you a savant on counting television programs?

bakaraSelf – Guest: uh huh, one of my skills

Self – Host: [jokingly, to his staff off stage] can we fact check this guy? I don’t want to be accused of “fake news” here on the Late Show

Self – Host: [while looking down at his notecards, listing some of his film credits] Well, as I said in your intro here, obviously, “Road to Perdition”, “Munich”, “Defiance”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, but many people know you as “James Bond” I think the greatest Bond of our time? The first time in the end of Casino Royale it said “James Bond will return”, I went “he better!” I would see another Daniel Craig James Bond movie in a minute. Now, you’ve been reported to have accepted the role again, in the New York Times back in July, they said you are gonna be the next James Bond. People have been asking you all day

Self – Guest: yes, they have

Self – Host: and you’ve been kind of “cagey”?

Self – Guest: I’ve been quite “cagey” about it, I’ve been interviewing all day and people have been asking me and I think I’ve been rather coy, I felt like if I should speak the “truth”, I should speak the “truth” to you

Self – Host: Daniel Craig, we can use some good news here, will you return as James Bond?

Self – Guest: [before a thunderous applause and cheering from the audience] yes

Self – Host: that is fantastic

Self – Guest: I couldn’t be happier

Self – Host: that is wonderful, oh, hot damn!

Self – Guest: I have to apologize to all of the people I’ve done interviews with today because I wanted to tell you

Self – Host: [jokingly] you did the “right thing”

Self – Guest: I think so

Self – Host: you saved it for here, they’ll all agree it the “right thing” to not give them the “scoop”

Self – Guest: I think it was

Self – Host: now, how long have you’ve known you were gonna be the next James Bond? How long have you been tüm ortaklık out on us Daniel Craig?

Self – Guest: [after thinking it over] it’s been a couple months, we’ve been discussing it we’re just trying to figure things out. I always wanted to, I needed a break…

Self – Host: [interrupts him, while looking down at his notecards] you didn’t always want to because you said in an interview, after you finished Spectre, Mr. “I always wanted to”, when somebody asked you if you would play James Bond again, you said “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists, than play James Bond again”

Self – Guest: [reading from the notecard after he took it away from Stephen] I can’t believe you’ve got it written down there

Self – Host: of course, I have a terrible memory, people have to write things down for me. So, there was a time when you didn’t when you didn’t want to be the next James Bond

Self – Guest: look, there’s no point in making excuses about it, it was two days after I finished shooting the last movie

Self – Host: sure

Self – Guest: I was doing an interview and someone said “would you do another one”? And I said “No!” And instead of saying something with style and grace, I gave a really stupid answer

Self – Host: [jokingly] that’s like asking a woman who just gave birth and özgü a four-inch episiotomy “Would you like to have another baby?”

Self – Guest: no, it’s not “quite” like “that”, I don’t I couldn’t really compare it to that

Self – Host: you can’t compare it to that? You’d get in trouble with your wife

Self – Guest: [referring to the response he gave in the interview] if that was bad enough, I don’t need to…

Self – Host: how is your lovely wife, Rachel Weisz?

Self – Guest: she’s very well: she sends her love

Self – Host: oh, she does? She sends her love?

Self – Guest: yes, she does

Self – Host: [spelling it in the Middle English form] luve? LU-V-E?

Self – Guest: with an exclamation mark

Self – Host: have I told you I have a Rachel Weisz “sorun”? Have I mentioned that to you before?