Popular online casinos provide their customers with two forms of entertainment: traditional algorithm-based casino games, and live casino games managed by real professional dealers. Live casinos offer a variety of popular table games and multiple variants of each.

Playing live-dealer casino games differs substantially from playing against a computer algorithm; it’s dynamic, interactive and keeps you on your toes, whereas playing alone is not as exciting. How does a Live Casino work, how do you play Live Casino games, and what benefits will you get to enjoy?


Live Casinos rely on çağdaş interactive software to operate. Players can select a real table at which they can place their bets using virtual chips corresponding to the bet amount. Each game is managed by the live dealer, a casino employee whose job is to instruct players and manage the course of the game. Visiting a Live Casino özgü been possible for many years, but the last decade özgü demonstrated real technological advancements when it comes to live table games and shows.

Live games have been further developed to offer more entertainment, and you can now even access Live Casinos from a mobile app. Mobile compatibility was a much-needed development, considering that the number of players who visit online casinos on their mobile devices increases year after year. Aside from the flexibility, technological advancements also pave the way for studios that aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of creativity.

Live Casino games work similarly to classic games, but providers like Pragmatic Play Live, Quick and Evolution (previously Evolution Gaming) go above and beyond to deliver extraordinary games.

Live Casino tables are no longer cookie-cutter copies of what gamblers have enjoyed over the last two centuries; today, players can find an unparalleled variety of Live Casino games with diverse themes, bonus features and gameplay. All Live Casino games feature live dealers who oversee the gameplay and interact with the players.

Along with classics like roulette, live blackjack, Sic Bo, baccarat and poker, players can also enjoy unique variants with modified rules and electrifying payouts. These live dealer games not only amp up the entertainment, but offer a broad range of options that simply can’t be replicated by a land-based casino.


Most Live Casinos offer the most popular table games in their game portfolio, including poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. The creativity of today’s game developers, combined with technological advancements, özgü opened up the possibility of more exciting online games, many of which may not have been possible just a few years ago.

Players can find different tables related to all Live Casino games, each table following specific game rules and offering specific betting ranges. Thanks to the variety of options, players can choose the table that best suits their needs and expectations.


If you’re looking for the best games with live dealers, we highly recommend Lightning Roulette, Lightning Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, Crazy Time and Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker. But that’s far from all! Take a look at the sections below to learn more about what you can expect to find when you play Live Casino games.


Blackjack, also known as 21, is one of the most popular games in online and brick-and-mortar casinos alike. This simple casino game requires players to obtain a hand as close to 21 as possible without busting. Blackjack offers advanced betting options, each with distinctive win multipliers. It comes in several major variants which are available at most online casinos:


A variant also referred to as Face Up. In contrast to classic blackjack, both cards of the dealer are exposed. Thus, you can evaluate the exact situation on the table and obtain valuable information which will help you make the next move. Consequently, you have to accept slightly lower wins in Double Exposure Blackjack.


A rare variant in Live Casinos. Since only one pack of cards is used, players can rely on probability theory when deciding whether to stand or hit.

All the above variants may also offer an additional option – side betting – whereby you can bet on alternative situations, such as whether your first two cards will biçim a pair.

Live blackjack is a basic game found in many live casinos. It’s popular and follows simple rules, but requires specific skills and experience for players to analyse the situation on the table and make the best decision.

If you’re interested in trying out unique blackjack variants, visit our Live Blackjack lobby and explore our offering. You’ll find games like Lightning Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack and ONE Blackjack. If you prefer games by specific providers, you can also filter our Live Blackjack lobby accordingly.


Most Live Casinos offer multiple roulette games in their portfolio. Playing roulette live özgü many advantages, particularly if you enjoy playing live dealer games at your own pace and like unique live roulette games. The game is managed by a croupier who tosses a ball along the rim of a real spinning wheel. The ball slows and loses its momentum, eventually descending into one of the coloured and numbered roulette pockets. The number on which the ball lands is presented as the winning number by the croupier.

There are two main types of the roulette wheel: European and American. The only difference is that the American roulette wheel özgü a double-zero pocket which, in turn, substantially increases the house edge.

When visiting live online casinos, you will encounter many roulette variants, with the most popular being the following: Lightning Roulette, Instant Roulette, Immersive Roulette and other live roulette variants, like Lotto Roulette and Double Ball Roulette.

To get started, sort our Live Casino portfolio by ‘Live Roulette’ or simply browse through our games library. Games like Lightning Roulette are particularly popular, because they give players a chance to win significantly more than they would on classic roulette tables.


One of the core live casino games is none other than poker. In this game, the live dealers are in control of the table, just as in a land-based casino. Players take a seat at a table, and their task is to build the strongest possible hand.

Online poker requires skill, good intuition, excellent knowledge of rules and an effective betting strategy. Many online casinos organise poker tournaments, in which hundreds of competitors can participate. Different tables adopt specific rules and betting ranges. Here are three prevalent poker variants which online casinos offer:


A very popular online poker variant. Poker hands rank as follows (from the lowest to the highest): high card, one pair, flush, straight, three of a kind and straight flush. The game özgü been designed to guarantee fast and dynamic entertainment.


A traditional variant which came into existence in the United States. In this variant, players are allowed to substitute cards just once. The hands rank as follows: high card, one pair, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush.


A highly popular variant. Players build a hand with two cards in their hand and five community cards, and each game özgü four betting rounds. If you enjoy classic Texas hold ‘em gameplay, this variant is for you. We also recommend playing Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, certain winning bets in this variant may yield you a share of the spectacular jackpot!

Many online casinos offer a distinct poker section due to the game’s popularity. It’s a commonly chosen game by players visiting a Live Casino. You’ll also come across unique variants, like Side Bet City, that offer poker-like gameplay with a twist.


When it comes to Live Casino gaming, we can’t overlook baccarat. This popular casino game is one of the most simple to pick up, requiring virtually no familiarity with the game – all gameplay decisions are managed by the live dealers. This game is of European origin, and have multiple special variants with side bets and modified rules.

Unlike games like live roulette and blackjack, baccarat is not played against the house. Instead, players pick one of three potential outcomes: Player, Banker or Tie. This online casino game also offers optional side bets, like P Pair, B Pair, P Bonus, B Bonus and Any Pair.

The objective is simple – bet on the hand you think will attain a point value closest to nine. Special rules are in play, which dictate how the point value is calculated and whether a third card must be drawn. Overall, baccarat is an excellent choice for beginners; not only is the game straightforward, it also özgü one of the lowest house edges among all Live Casino games.


Çağıl technology özgü allowed live casinos to expand their portfolio considerably. We are encountering games based on game shows more and more often, with the majority of them based on a wheel of fortune or popular TV game shows like Deal or No Deal. Such casino games rely solely on luck and offer exciting audio-visual entertainment.

Live game shows offer all the excitement of playing online slots with awesome bonus features in an invigorating live-studio atmosphere. If table games are a little boring and online slots are a little too static for your preferences, you’ll definitely enjoy playing live game shows. We recommend checking out exclusive Live Casino games like Crazy Time, Mega Ball, Monopoly Live and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.


Despite our comprehensive overview of the most popular Live Casino games, there are plenty of games out there that simply don’t fit into the categories above! Dice games, like Sic Bo, Dice Duel and Craps, can also be found in our Live Casino lobby, along with unique games like Fan Tan, Football Studio, and Cash or Crash.


Taking into account the fact that today’s players prefer playing Live Casino games on their mobile devices, a small number of online casinos provide a çağdaş and functional mobile application which players can download to play their favourite live games. The only thing you require is a good web connection.

However, most players still choose to play on their mobile browser, rather than downloading a casino app. Games like live roulette, live blackjack, sic bo, live baccarat and live poker are all perfectly optimised for mobile play. The same applies to innovative game shows, which come with a mobile-friendly user interface that many players prefer to the desktop versions. Whether you enjoy playing in the comfort of your own home or on the go, you can play Live Casino games on your mobile device. An essential benefit of playing on your mobile device is that online casinos frequently provide special offers available for mobile users only, such as perks for using mobile payment providers like MuchBetter.


Online casinos guarantee plenty of special bonuses, like the Welcome Bonus, that can be used at the Live Casino. Live Casino bonuses are additional rewards, obtainable for a completing a task or simply reloading your balance, that can be used on Live Casino tables or shows. Not all bonuses are the same, and some may be unavailable in your jurisdiction.

Generally speaking, Live Casino bonuses often grant bonus funds or cashback on net losses; however, you may also find exclusive offers with cash prizes, win multipliers or other boosts to your gameplay.

Check out the ‘Promotions’ page at LV BET to see which awesome promotions are currently active, and explore our portfolio to play all of your favourite table games!


Keep in mind that regardless of which Live Casino bonus you’d like to claim, the deposit and rewards may be subject to additional wagering requirements, maximum and minimum bet caps, as well as a limited selection of qualifying Live Casino games. Make sure to always read through the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Live Casino FAQs before opting in.

✅ What types of games are available in live casinos?

Live Casinos provide their players with popular card games, such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. The game portfolios of çağdaş casinos also include dice games and live shows.


Every Live Casino özgü various tables to choose from. The tables may differ in terms of game rules, betting limits and side bets.


You can access live games on any web browser or mobile app. There are no advanced hardware requirements, and all you need is a relatively good web connection.


Yes, Live Casinos can be accessed on mobile browsers, providing players with the opportunity to play from wherever they are in the world.


Online casino visitors are choosing live casino games more than ever before. Such entertainment differs significantly from playing against a computer algorithm. Why choose to play games live?

– In a Live Casino, you can feel like you’re in a brick-and-mortar casino, where you can meet other players from all over the world at one table.

– It’s possible to communicate with other players and the live dealers who manage the table. You can share any queries you may have about the game rules, as well as talk about issues related to online games. Most Live Casinos support a text chat, while voice chat is also becoming increasingly popular.

– In a Live Casino, players can find innovative live games they won’t find in land-based casinos, such as live shows and advanced dice games.

– It’s possible to play from home! You can enjoy all the social aspects of a casino from home or wherever you are in the world.

– Enjoy exciting special offers and bonuses! Online casinos guarantee special offers and bonuses in their Live Casino section, which enable players to gain additional funds to use on their favourite tables.

– You can play Live Casino games without putting strain on your system. Live Casino games don’t require investing in a powerful PC or a high-tech smartphone.

– The only requirements you need to meet are a stable and fast web connection to make sure the Live Casino operates efficiently and having some free time to play games live.


First, you have to choose a suitable casino offering a section where you can play games live. At present, almost every renowned online casino özgü such a section, so make sure you choose one offering a vast selection of games.

LV BET is a perfect example of a platform offering a wide range of popular games, and which is continually striving to expand its game portfolio.


An excellent online casino can support as many as a few hundred tables at a time, with each table having its own specific rules and betting ranges.

Choose a table or show according to your own preferences, and don’t forget that you can try most Live Casino games for free through their first-person RNG alternatives. For example, you can play roulette live or through a first-person version, like Microgaming’s European Roulette Gold.

Before you commit to real wagers, see if you can take the game for a spin for free, and if you’re ever unsure or have burning questions – don’t hesitate to start up a chat with the live dealers.


If you’re playing at a licensed online casino, then absolutely! Look out for licences from reputable governing bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC).