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Zoom is a video slot with 6 reels and 64 fixed hisse lines. The game features wilds and expanding Zoom symbols with re spin. The theoretical return to player is 96.2%.

5. Zoom area. The gerçek set is divided into 6 Zoom areas, each Zoom area is 2 * 2 symbols in size. A Zoom area may only contain one Zoom symbol per spin or re-spin.

6. Massive Symbol. The Zoom symbol will expand into a Massive Symbol that occupy the entire Zoom area where it is located. The Massive Symbol is active for the remainder of the game round.

7. Re-spin. The Zoom symbol will trigger a re-spin, the re-spin will generate new symbols on all reels. A Massive Symbol may not receive any new Zoom symbols. Only one re-spin will trigger regardless of the number of simultaneous Zoom expansions.

8. Super Massive Symbol. Any combination of four adjacent Massive Symbols and/or Zoom symbols (forming a square) will combine into a Super Massive Symbol covering 4 * 4 symbol positions. The Super Massive Symbol will trigger a re-spin. The Super Massive Symbol always take presence over Massive Symbol and/or Zoom symbol. The left side Super Massive Symbol will always have presence over right side Super Massive Symbol.