Canlı Oyunlar Bahis

To sum up in short: suspense, good acting, real empathy for the story line, great appropriate music, twists that keep you hooked wanting to keep going. The two leads are very different, and equally interesting and complex. The support cast is first rate, and the suspense just keeps building.Best drama/ mystery that I’ve seen for ages. Well worth it. By epp2 I was pleasantly surprised that it kept the intrigue up. By Epp3 I was thinking of ringing in sick for work to keep watching. If you like your mysteries to keep surprising you, and adding layers, and layers, then this is for you. There aren’t the usual “holywood” dumbed down explanations at the end of each epp, instead it makes you keep thinking.I have to say that they have done a first rate job with the music score too.Although even without it, the storyline gives you plenty of emotional reaction.This is one show to set aside free time for, with out distractions. And just enjoy.