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Can’t wait, the writers keep tweeting us the episode titles and have promised the best season yet.

Update for Season 5.1 released Aug 21: AWESOME. One of the best seasons yet. We get some answers, some closure on some things (keeping this spoiler free for you), many of our favorite characters go through unexpected changes, and a new bad guys appears in a familiar face. Best acting ever from this amazing cast. Lots of funny moments too. The second half of season 5 is almost finished and will be on Netflix later, and we are also getting a Season 6 in the future. Just an amazing show, brought back to life by amazing fans, writers, producers, actors and thanks to Netflix.

yasadışıUpdate for final season 6. September 10 2021 Just finished watching. These writers amaze me. They gave the fans so many things they knew we wanted. Maybe not in the way we expected, but something for everyone. Lots of action, lots of laughter and definitely some tears. Closure. Tied up loose ends . Some characters reappear. Just an amazing group of writers and producers and a fabulous cast. Good writers know when to stop. They told their story, the way they wanted to, working with the desires of the fans, and gave it the ending they wanted. Sure I would have watched it for dozens of more seasons, and still would have loved it, but actors and writers have to move on. The six season ( really 7 when you count the double number of episodes in season 5). , yeah, six was a good number. You will love this final seaon. There will be music. Dancing. Laughter. Tears. Surprises. A hell of a ride.