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bakaraIan is really pushing the bounds of Youtube content with this one. Not only does he seek to create good comedy and quality content for his viewers, but he also aims to help other Youtubers improve with constructive criticism. Some good friends of his that he includes in his series are Keemstar, LeafyIsHere, and Jinx Reload. He hopes to bring this to more Youtubers in the community, including Markiplier and PewdiePie. Lest I forget, his videos are also some of the most well structured the site‘s content creators can offer. He always starts the video with a catchy intro and a recognizable image. Then he starts by introducing the topic he will review. He then follows parallel segments analyzing different facets of the channel he believes should be reviewed. This, in combination with a dynamic personality, an unpredictable character and a charming forehead, make Content Cop a delight to watch. Always looking forward to his next videos.